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Khomba Staff Bus Features

Get safe and secure staff transportation straight from your homes to the
office. No more tardiness or excuses about why staff couldn’t get to
work on time. Less transportation stress produces sharp, ready to
perform employees.


Driver Included

All bookings come standard with a driver that’s well informed and ready to serve to ensure a pleasant trip.


Vehicle WIFI

Stay connected throughout your trip with vehicle wifi. Watch your trip
online and for added personal safety, share your trip with your contacts
so they can follow your trip too.


High-Tech Security

All vehicles are fitted with the latest tracking device and dual lens camera to see inside and outside the vehicle. Closely monitor and manage ongoing trips, driver and passenger interaction, vehicle conditions and assist in cases of vehicle theft and recovering lost items using live location tracking and video footage recorded during the trips.

monthly rates

Daily & Monthly Rates

Affordable vehicle hire rates no matter your location. Create a traveling package that will best suit you, your staff and your budget.

real time tracking

Vehicle Tracker

Feel safe knowing that your vehicles and staffers are safe no matter where they go. Your clients can watch their trips live on the app, share their location with their contacts for increased safety, owners and fleet managers can also track and watch trips as an added security measure.

Staff Productivity

Employee Productivity

Staff bus offers employees downtime before getting to work allowing them to better prepare for the day ahead. It reduces the amount of anxiety experienced from sitting in traffic jams resulting in increased employee performance and total workforce product.

Hire & Travel In MiniBus Taxi

Easily locate, hire vehicle, and travel with driver

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