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For an owner of industrial plant and vehicles, Khomba enable you to list your plant and vehicles on the Khomba platform in order to rent it out to companies and /or individuals who need them. For a company and/or individual who is in need of plant, a chauffeured vehicle or a delivery service Khomba enables you to find and compare rates as well as Terms & Conditions, and also hire plant or chauffeured/delivery vehicles.

Yes you will have to pay 50% of the hiring rate as a deposit when making the booking of the plant or vehicle. The balance will be paid once the plant has been delivered or the chauffeured/delivery trip has been completed.

You will receive payment once the plant has been delivered or the chauffeured vehicle trip has been completed.

No you won't need to send Khomba an invoice. Upon delivery of the plant or completions of the chauffeured/delivery trip client will sign a digital proof of delivery or service form which will be used as a reference to make payment.

Yes, you will need to have the the tracking and telemetry in order to provide proof of delivery and proof that the service was offered.

You would need to log into the Khomba platform and request the extended hire from there.

If asset is returned late the user will be charged a late return fee which will be added to the final payment.

Khomba only allows vehicles with Good In Transit insurance to be listed on the platform therefore this event should be covered by the asset owners insurance.

It takes 3 business days, provided we are able to get a hold of driver of the vehicle or owner of the plant to arrange date and time for installation.

Yes, Khomba does offer support should you have any technical issues with the device and/or service.

Most insurance companies do allow for installation of tracking and telemetry units in vehicles or plant however please verify with your insurance policy permits this.

At the moment Khomba does not track and monitor fleet outside South Africa but we are working on a solution to offer this.

If asset is delivery late the asset owner will be charged a late delivery fee which will be reduced from the final payment.

It depends on the terms offered as part of chauffeured/delivery service or plant hire agreement. If terms specify that asset owner is responsible for fuel then they will have to incur the cost and vice versa.

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